TOXICS ALERT – An environment news bulletin

Each and every second 310 Kg of toxic chemicals are released into our air, land, and water by industrial facilities around the world.This amounts to approximately 10 million tons (over 21 billion pounds) of toxic chemicals released into our environment by industries each year.Of these, over 2 million tons (over 4.5 billion pounds) per year are recognized carcinogens. This amounts to about 65 Kg each second.

Toxic substances can range from naturally occurring toxics like arsenic and bacteria to man-made chemicals like flame retardants, or pesticides.We can’t help but come into contact with a range of chemicals in our daily lives. More than 70,000 chemicals are currently in commercial use and little is known about their effects on our health. Substances can pose very different risks depending on how we come into contact with them, the amount that gets into our bodies, and for how long and how often this occurs.


Whether or not a substance poses a risk to our health depends on many things, including individual sensitivities. Sometimes we sense an odor in our environment that we think is making us sick, and even if we are not being exposed to toxic levels of chemicals, that smell can affect our quality of life.

To keep yourself updated about toxins and its affect in India follow this bulletin –

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About Gaurav Gurjar
Born and brought up in jodhpur, a heritage city in the state of Rajasthan, India. Gaurav gurjar was a nature lover since childhood, whose days were spent either watching animals and plants on discovery channel and animal planet or observing and playing with them in real. After completing his bachelor’s in electronics and communication engineering, he decided to take a break and really find out what he wants to do in life, that’s where he got associated with Swaraj University to explore different options and possibilities of forming career around his passions. That’s when he travelled across India exploring, doing mentorships and independent research work in the field of eco architecture, traditional techniques of construction in India, biomimicry, natural farming, permaculture and designing conscious human habitats. To know more check out my website:

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