Arthakranti – a socio-economic proposal for better India

The ArthaKranti proposal is a well researched Scientific approach designed to completely transform the current Indian socio-economic scenario. This approach will enable ‘Principled, Prosperous and Peaceful living’ for all citizens of our country.

Apart from strengthening the economy internally India will achieve the prominent position on global canvas. Such a position of strength will enable us to lead the world towards our long cherished philosophy ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ or ‘The world as a family’!.

We are sure that the time for this proposal has arrived, keeping in mind the current state of affairs. Of course, the Government will need to be petitioned and pressurised through our elected representatives.

The need of the hour is for every like minded citizen to contribute in speeding the process through their active support.

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Check out : An initiative taken by some friends based in Mumbai, to pool in and share resources without getting money involved. A lot of good equipment, books etc on offer if you want to use for a short duration and then return it.

Some kinds of resources are often required only for a short duration of time (typically under a month) and thereafter could be made available for reuse by others again. Hence along with platforms like freecycle, there is a parallel need for a complementary platform, which aims to provide.

This platform catalogs the resources in circulation to enable access to that resource again in the future. It is similar to a library wherein the resources can be located by members within their locality. It will also provide additional search features, as well as a facility for registered users to be aware of pending requests.

Dariya Dil Dukkan – freecycling

Dariya Dil Dukkan – The shop of the open hearted happens in udaipur at Shikshantar.

Alternative Currencies

Could there be a way of managing human affairs – at community and bigger levels – with an alternative to the current money system we have?

What if the economic system was run differently? Like interest-free banking or time banking, for example. Could we have multiple mediums of exchange rather than just money?

Can everything really have a price?

Let’s explore these frontiers here.