How To Build A Solar-Powered Still To Purify Drinking Water

How To Build A Solar-Powered Still To Purify Drinking Water | Off The Grid News.

Step by step instructions to build a simple box that takes in open vessels filled with any impure water. The sun’s heat collecting in the box slowly boils the water, which condenses under the sloping glass top, and is collected in a tube at the edge. What is collected is pure distilled water. This simple device (and once you get the basics you can modify it for any range of needs… ) can deliver basic life-saving drinking water from the most polluted of sources, is inexpensive and does not need too much advanced skill to set up.. just spread the basic idea and you might just save a lot of lives in a disaster.

Home in Bangalore using solar power and water harvesting

Home in Bangalore using solar power and water harvesting :

Parabolic Solar Cookers

Solar cookers in various sizes both for homes and the Community, these are unique and small  parabolic solar cookers which are very much suitable for mid day meals, schools, hostels, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, small factories, home scale cooking related small business, clubs, associations, communities, refugee camps, etc.

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Satvik Parabolic Solar Cooker

Barefoot college, tilonia (rajasthan)

In 1965 a young post graduate student, SANJIT “BUNKER” ROY volunteered to spend the summer working with famine affected people in Palamu District Bihar, now Jharkhand, one of the poorest of India’s states. His urban elitist upbringing had distanced him from poverty and destitution. This experience changed him, and formed the determination to fight poverty and inequality. It became his mission. The idea of the SWRC (Social Works and Research Centre), Tilonia emerged from these concerns.


Solar solutions – SELCO SOLAR PVT. LTD

SELCO solars

SELCO solars

SELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd, a social enterprise established in 1995, provides sustainable energy solutions and services to under-served households and businesses. It was conceived in an effort to dispel three myths associated with sustainable technology and the rural sector as a target customer base:

1) Poor people cannot afford sustainable technologies;
2) Poor people cannot maintain sustainable technologies;
3) Social ventures cannot be run as commercial entities.

SELCO aims to empower its customer by providing a complete package of product, service and consumer financing through grameena banks, cooperative societies, commercial banks and micro-finance institutions.


solar water heating systems

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If you want  the luxury to use Hot Water all round the year without a question of you spending the hard-earned money on electricity, coal, wood or gas bills. Moreover, your investment in Solar Water Heating is eligible for several benefits and rebates.

The SolarMaxx Solar Water Heating systems are built around the revolutionary Evacuated Vacuum tubes technology. These vacuum tubes help raise the water temperature faster even during partially cloudy or foggy conditions.

SolarMaxx Solar Water Heating is ideal for Home, Hotel, Hostel, Hospital and industrial water heating.

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Bangladesh Hits 1 Million Solar Home Systems

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"The Bangladesh story however, is particularly exciting because Grameen has singlehandedly shattered the energy ‘axioms’ on which the international policy community has relied for decades: Renewable energy is too expensive: Wrong. Even if solar makes sense the poor can’t afford it or they won’t pay: Wrong. The grid will come regardless so off grid, decentralized energy is a waste of time, money, and effort: Wrong, wrong, wrong. What Bangladesh does prove is that Carl Pope is right: deploying solar makes the most sense for off-grid areas where the economics are compelling and the need is great.

That’s what makes the next phase of the solar revolution even more exciting. That’s because today we are talking about 1 million solar home systems in Bihar, but tomorrow we could easily be talking about tens of millions in either Bihar or Uttar Pradesh, Indian states that have off-grid populations larger than most European nations."

10 Huge Lessons We’ve Learned From Solar Power Success In Germany

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1. Feed-in tariffs can drive solar power growth like nothing else. 2. A more mature solar power market sells solar power for a much lower price. 3. More streamlined permitting works.
4. Feed-in tariffs democratize the electric grid.
5. Democratizing the grid gets residents informed and motivated about energy. 6. The grid will not fall apart at 5% solar penetration… or 10%… or 15%… or 20%. 7. Solar power brings down the price of wholesale electricity. 8. Even very grey places can generate a lot of solar power.
9. Even once solar power capacity is equal to 50% of electricity demand, utility execs, fossil fuel execs, their buddies in government, and their buddies in the media won’t stop fighting it.
10. People love the sun — they love clean, solar energy — and they always will.

Earthship Biotecture – self sustaining homes by Mike Reynolds

Inline image 2Renegade architect Michael Reynolds, creator of radically sustainable homes. These homes:

  • grow their own food
  • harvest and use their own water
  • control their temperature even in extreme heat and cold
  • process and re-utilize all their waste and sewage
  • generate their own power
  • need no power lines or water pipes going in, and have no sewage going out.
  • are made from locally sourced materials including thrown-away tyres, bottles, tin cans.

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Tiny Tech, Rajkot

Tiny Tech is a company based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India which is working for promoting tiny enterprises in various industrial fields, through human technology for rural development, local self reliance, poverty eradication, exploitation removal, employment and income generation by breaking company centered economy & promoting family centered economy all over the world.

One of their products: A water pumping windmill that draws 180 litres of water per minute from 40 ft depth at 10 m/s wind speed.


Contact Details:

Tagore Road, Rajkot – 360 002, Gujarat State, INDIA.
Phone : 91 – 281 – 2480166 Mobile : 91 – 92 27 60 62 64
Fax : 91 – 281 – 2467552 ,
E-mail : tinytech (at)

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