Nature’s lap – herbal organic products

Looking for a safe and healthy alternative for your household cleaning.Nature’s Lap has come up with a solution that is safe, healthy, ecofriendly as well as effective.Now no more need of those harsh,chemical based cleaners.
Nature’s Lap Herbal Floor Cleaner is a concentrated formula that has powerful and effective cleaning ingredients. It is made of essential oils that makes it a completely natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative for cleaning floors and surfaces. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, child-safe.Gives a smooth shine to floors and has a pleasant aroma of citronella.It is antibacterial,antifungal,repels mosquitoes and flies. It is cost effective compared to other cleaners – only a few drops required per liter of water. Ideal for use in homes as well as public places like hotels, hospitals and schools. Certified by CSIR CIMAP (Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: a Government Research Institute). does not contain any preservatives, chemicals, Artificial Colors and Fragrances.Usage: Mix 4-6 drops per medium sized bucket of water and mop floor. Can be used to clean surfaces as well. Safe for adults and children of all ages.

Nature’s lap also has other herbal products,
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Food Inflation: Farmers’ Market is the answer

Imagine hundreds of farmers’ markets in New Delhi for instance, where healthy, chemical-free food stuffs are sold by farmers (or their cooperatives) providing a direct linkage with consumers. This will also ensure farmers adopting chemical-free farming practices to cater to consumer demand. Because farmers will come directly to sell their produce (not through commission agents), the prices will remain stable and affordable.

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Sardar patel organic farm

Sardar Patel Farm A certified 125 acre organic farm on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. Organic farming based on a Bio-Dynamic framework is followed by us in our effort to be a part of the healthy chain healthy soil healthy crops healthy foods – healthy life.

​After over 11 years of following these farming practices we have earned the International Organic Certification awarded by the Control Union Certifications NPOP, Govt. of India, E U, USDA / NOP, Swiss Farming Ordinance.

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Wild Forest Honey from Chaukul (Amboli – Western Ghats)

Honey is obtained from the forest area OF AMBOLI in bio-diversity rich Sahyadri ranges. It is full of natural nutrients and has no expiration date.

ORDER IN BULK (5 KG, 10KG ETC) …For more details call Shri.Bapu Gawde on 9403071825

Sachin Desai