Countless Uses for Coconut Oil

This article gives and explains a huge list of uses of coconut oil.

Everything about bamboo – Sampoorna bamboo kendra

Bamboo has traditionally been used for centuries as a building and engineering material and in everyday items in various parts of the world and in India.  Traditional artisans have recognized its benefits for centuries, yet the modern world of engineers, architects and designers has failed to leverage this amazing natural resource to the extent that it was once used. Commonly mistaken for being a wood, it is actually a grass and has a set of features that make it tremendously beneficial to use as an engineering material in the modern context.
India has the 2nd largest amount of natural bamboo in the world.
hence this plentiful supply of bamboo in India helps to keep price down compared to other materials.


services offered by SAMPOORNA BAMBOO KENDRA ARE :

  • Construction of Eco-friendly Bamboo Houses & Buildings
  • Building of Bamboo Furniture & Products
  • Teaching of Bamboo Craft, Furniture & Housing Trainings
  • Consulting on Bamboo-related Topics.

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UGER, meaning “new beginnings” in Mewari, is a women’s group in Udaipur supported by Jatan Sansthan. Under the guidance of Lakshmi Murthy, they have begun an endeavor for menstrual health and awareness.
the UGER project aims to provide a healthy alternative to disposable pads, which contain chemicals and nonwoven polymers. The effects of long term usage of synthetic disposable sanitary napkins have not been determined, while cloth has been safely used by women in managing their menstruation for centuries. Traditionally women in India have used cloth, and many still do, so the concept of a cloth pad is not entirely foreign.
While creating a product that is helpful to the environment and to women’s bodies, the women of UGER are also engaged in enhancing their livelihoods and futures, as they earn income through the sale of the pads, and also learn valuable skills such as stitching, banking, and business management. Additionally, the project works to increase awareness about menstruation and end the silence and taboo surrounding the matter, through seminars in colleges and in discussions with different community groups, both rural and urban.

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Kagzi – A unique paper making clan (handmade paper products)

Kagzis are more wholesome than just business people. They preserve a remarkable heritage that grew out of the interactions of Turks with India. Over time, this heritage has become unique to India, worth a sociologist’s attention.

Tucked away in a village near Jaipur is the world’s largest centre of hand-made paper!The variety that one finds in India is not just about different types of people and culture. There is surprise and variety in the number of economic activities too! Whole specialised craft-based businesses exist tucked away in pockets across the land. Each of these will narrate a fascinating tale.

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handmade paper albums  handmade embossed paper, embossed handmade paper  Handmade Batik PaperHandmade Paper Bags

products available are –

Handmade Floral Paper
Handmade Crocodile Paper
Handmade Batik Paper
Handmade Embossed Paper
Handmade Dew Paper
Handmade Leather Paper
Handmade Screen Print Paper
Handmade Paper Note Book
Handmade Paper Stationery
Handmade Paper Bags
Handmade Paper Boxes
Handmade Paper Photo Frames
Handmade Paper Album

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Clay cooker (smart cooker) by mitticool

You must have come across the researches related to harmful effects of cooking in aluminium cookwares.
Also about the high pressures in these cookers which actually don’t cook food but rather break it down, resulting in low nutritional values.
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Well here in this product you get optimum pressure required to cook along with the advantages of hygienic and fast cooking and that too without the disadvantages of aluminium and high pressured cooking which breaks down food.

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No Teflon NON STICK Clay Tawa (magic pan) with Food grade coating

What if you can get same advantages of non stick combined with health benefits of earthen ware ?
No more harmful Teflon coating. India has a long history of using earthen ware which we were definitely more healthier cookware options compared to today’s aluminium and Teflon coated materials. Research has shown many drawbacks of using these modern cookwares such as drastic reduction is nutritional values of food cooked over them, and earthen ware used from ages has proved to be much more superior health wise.

Designed and developed by Mansukhbhai Prajapati (44), a traditional clay craftsman, under the brand MITTICOOL

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Some characteristics of this clay pan –


  • Saves up to 25% of gas.
  • Gives natural taste.
  • Every kind of breads like roti, parantha, nan, pizza, dosa, wrap can be cooked with minimum oil making the food healthy.
  • It comes with a stand which protects it from breaking due to mishandling.
  • Food grade coating instead of Teflon chemical is used for healthy and hygienic food experience.
  • Non-stick coating provides low oil cooking facility.
  • Non-stick surface prevent to sticking of food at bottom.
  • Food grade Non Stick gives a healthy food.
  • Clay generates a unique taste to the foods.
  • Life of Non Stick is equal to conventional coated tawas.
  • Cheaper cost makes it affordable.
  • Available in 7″ and 9″ diameter

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The everlasting bulb

Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time. Planned obsolescence has potential benefits for a producer because to obtain continuing use of the product the consumer is under pressure to purchase again.

Benito Muros is one of the world’s businessmen who haven’t accepted planned obsolescence,The founder of the SOP movement  (Sin Obsolescencia Programada= Without Planned Obsolescence), has hit out against planned obsolescence by making an everlasting light bulb and establishing a movement with the aim of putting an end to the abusive practices of multinational companies.

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until we get some one inspired by the SOP movement and we start getting these bulbs in India too, here is quick DIY about what to do with old fused bulbs.


O LAYLA is a Mumbai based initiative in sustainable fashion.Their signature line showcases EDGY, QUIRKY and ECLECTIC apparel and accessories re-invented from ethically sourced village hand-crafts and recycled waste materials. Each O Layla item is a limited edition, hand crafted product. They ensure these artisans are not only paid fairly but rewarded for their talent and hard work. They provide design intervention and an assured income.

Desktop1 O layla
They also create product that ensures the rural artisan earns income through us – instead of ending up as a daily wage labourer, also working to make their rural skills available to an international audience…

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Paperjewelz – vrinda gokhale philip

Paperjewelz is costume jewelry that is truly unique. It is the culmination of influences from different cultures and of course the eras of ever changing fashion statements, especially the psychedelic sixties and seventies. The Hero of this brand is recycled paper, teamed with a wide range of embellishments – from glass beads, and melon seeds to silver and semi precious stones. The results are alluring and glamorous pieces that are simply unparalleled. Ranging from the delicate to the chunky, the wild to the elegant, there is something in it for everybody.

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Parabolic Solar Cookers

Solar cookers in various sizes both for homes and the Community, these are unique and small  parabolic solar cookers which are very much suitable for mid day meals, schools, hostels, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, small factories, home scale cooking related small business, clubs, associations, communities, refugee camps, etc.

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Satvik Parabolic Solar Cooker

Awara art – pankhuri singh

Inspired by the diverse interconnections and the endless creativity in the web of life, here are her efforts to bunch up our collective dreams and harvest goodness with the work she have been doing with her hands.

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burqa post-5-640x480 post1-640x4801

Easy bamboo rice cooker

The Association for India’s Development (Aid) India, an NGO working in Tholapi village in Pondur mandal has good news for housewives [home-makers], working women and kitchen managers. The NGO designed an ‘easy cooker’ with the innovative bamboo technology which are selling like hot cakes. Curious customers are placing orders delighted at the cost effective innovative technology from different parts of the State. Pressure cookers and hot boxes sold by branded companies cost about Rs.2000. Named ‘easy cooker’, it is attracting the attention of busy and working women and many are evincing interest in the product. All one has to do is to first boil rice in a vessel. For one glass of rice two glasses of water has to be added.

 After cooking on the stove for just 10 minutes the vessel has to be shifted from the stove into a bamboo basket specially designed for the purpose. The rice vessel has to be closeted in the bamboo basket for 45 minutes. The basket lid should not be opened till 45 minutes. After 45 minutes the rice will be well cooked and will remain hot for eight hours.

(right picture: A satisfied user cooks brown rice in the Haybox Easy cooker)

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solar water heating systems

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If you want  the luxury to use Hot Water all round the year without a question of you spending the hard-earned money on electricity, coal, wood or gas bills. Moreover, your investment in Solar Water Heating is eligible for several benefits and rebates.

The SolarMaxx Solar Water Heating systems are built around the revolutionary Evacuated Vacuum tubes technology. These vacuum tubes help raise the water temperature faster even during partially cloudy or foggy conditions.

SolarMaxx Solar Water Heating is ideal for Home, Hotel, Hostel, Hospital and industrial water heating.

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why not compost ?

why not compost ?

If you are seeing this, chances are that you are aware of the problem of kitchen waste.
Being just aware of the problem doesn’t help, does it ?


So moving towards the solution here is the one,  get yourself one of these products and happy composting !!



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Itokri Crafts

Itokri Crafts

This site features all kinds of craft items from all over India – from Dastkar, Jugaad, People Tree, Either Or, Sukriti, Jalpari, Haathi Chap, Bindaas.



World’s first 3-D printed plastic car, Urbee 2 racecar

World's first 3-D printed plastic car, 1,200 lbs Urbee 2 racecarA new generation of efficient urban vehicles produced not on traditional assembly lines with robotic arms welding heavy steel in a shower of sparks, but in warehouses where plastic-spraying printers produce light, cheap and highly efficient automobiles. Such warehouses could revolutionize the car manufacturing industry because they could open up automobile manufacturing to a cottage industry of small auto manufactures challenging the established heavy automobile manufacturing industry.

via World’s first 3-D printed plastic car, 1,200 lbs Urbee 2 racecar. from Digital Journal

Kambha composter

Kambha waste composter for your home / flat by Daily Dump, Bangalore

Tiny Tech, Rajkot

Tiny Tech is a company based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India which is working for promoting tiny enterprises in various industrial fields, through human technology for rural development, local self reliance, poverty eradication, exploitation removal, employment and income generation by breaking company centered economy & promoting family centered economy all over the world.

One of their products: A water pumping windmill that draws 180 litres of water per minute from 40 ft depth at 10 m/s wind speed.


Contact Details:

Tagore Road, Rajkot – 360 002, Gujarat State, INDIA.
Phone : 91 – 281 – 2480166 Mobile : 91 – 92 27 60 62 64
Fax : 91 – 281 – 2467552 ,
E-mail : tinytech (at)

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