Everything about bamboo – Sampoorna bamboo kendra

Bamboo has traditionally been used for centuries as a building and engineering material and in everyday items in various parts of the world and in India.  Traditional artisans have recognized its benefits for centuries, yet the modern world of engineers, architects and designers has failed to leverage this amazing natural resource to the extent that it was once used. Commonly mistaken for being a wood, it is actually a grass and has a set of features that make it tremendously beneficial to use as an engineering material in the modern context.
India has the 2nd largest amount of natural bamboo in the world.
hence this plentiful supply of bamboo in India helps to keep price down compared to other materials.


services offered by SAMPOORNA BAMBOO KENDRA ARE :

  • Construction of Eco-friendly Bamboo Houses & Buildings
  • Building of Bamboo Furniture & Products
  • Teaching of Bamboo Craft, Furniture & Housing Trainings
  • Consulting on Bamboo-related Topics.

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Easy bamboo rice cooker

The Association for India’s Development (Aid) India, an NGO working in Tholapi village in Pondur mandal has good news for housewives [home-makers], working women and kitchen managers. The NGO designed an ‘easy cooker’ with the innovative bamboo technology which are selling like hot cakes. Curious customers are placing orders delighted at the cost effective innovative technology from different parts of the State. Pressure cookers and hot boxes sold by branded companies cost about Rs.2000. Named ‘easy cooker’, it is attracting the attention of busy and working women and many are evincing interest in the product. All one has to do is to first boil rice in a vessel. For one glass of rice two glasses of water has to be added.

 After cooking on the stove for just 10 minutes the vessel has to be shifted from the stove into a bamboo basket specially designed for the purpose. The rice vessel has to be closeted in the bamboo basket for 45 minutes. The basket lid should not be opened till 45 minutes. After 45 minutes the rice will be well cooked and will remain hot for eight hours.

(right picture: A satisfied user cooks brown rice in the Haybox Easy cooker)

read more at — http://aidindia.org/main/content/view/941/279/