No Teflon NON STICK Clay Tawa (magic pan) with Food grade coating

What if you can get same advantages of non stick combined with health benefits of earthen ware ?
No more harmful Teflon coating. India has a long history of using earthen ware which we were definitely more healthier cookware options compared to today’s aluminium and Teflon coated materials. Research has shown many drawbacks of using these modern cookwares such as drastic reduction is nutritional values of food cooked over them, and earthen ware used from ages has proved to be much more superior health wise.

Designed and developed by Mansukhbhai Prajapati (44), a traditional clay craftsman, under the brand MITTICOOL

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Some characteristics of this clay pan –


  • Saves up to 25% of gas.
  • Gives natural taste.
  • Every kind of breads like roti, parantha, nan, pizza, dosa, wrap can be cooked with minimum oil making the food healthy.
  • It comes with a stand which protects it from breaking due to mishandling.
  • Food grade coating instead of Teflon chemical is used for healthy and hygienic food experience.
  • Non-stick coating provides low oil cooking facility.
  • Non-stick surface prevent to sticking of food at bottom.
  • Food grade Non Stick gives a healthy food.
  • Clay generates a unique taste to the foods.
  • Life of Non Stick is equal to conventional coated tawas.
  • Cheaper cost makes it affordable.
  • Available in 7″ and 9″ diameter

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