After fifty years of so-called development efforts, and despite great scientific advancements, India (and the rest of the world) finds itself mired in a paralyzing socio-cultural, environmental and spiritual crisis – overwhelming in its scale, intensity and rate of growth.

While education has been framed as the cure to this crisis, in reality, the factory model of schooling is part of the problem. Around the world, education systems have become commercialized ‘businesses’ which serve to stratify society, glorify militarism, devalue local knowledge systems and languages, manufacture unsustainable wants, breed discontent and frustration, stifle creativity, motivation and expression, and dehumanize communities. The 19th-century model of factory-schooling today stands in the way of building organic learning societies for the 21st century.

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BANYAN TREE publishes and distributes books that bind together the relationship of living and non living. Our books challenges the pre defined notions of institutionalized world, understanding the power of our traditional & cultural roots like the roots of BANYAN TREE.

Here you will find books that challenges the institutalisation of knowledge, culture and traditions, books that challenges the control and adulteration of food, health and farming, books on learning, un-schooling, sustainable development & ecology. We strongly believe that “nothing can be taught’’ and “work is teacher’’.Here you can buy books in English, Hindi and other Indian languages.

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scholars without borders